“trash eternal, the leaves fall quietly, flowers in the snow”  2023

30” x 14.5” x 46”
epoxy, wood, images, styrofoam, polyester shirt, image transfer, leaves

“trash protection, tree protection”   2023

dimensions variable 
garden pebbles, resin, iPhone photos, zip ties, plastics bottles, hay

“orange is for right now, pebbles are forever”   2022

26” x 24.5” x 27.5”
pebbles, aquarium pebbles, resin, epoxy clay, airbrush, asics shoe

“streetcast #2  (detergent bottle, water bottle, planter base) ”   2022

29” x 6” x 6”
birdseed, resin, epoxy clay, airbrush

“Calendar (essentials, protected)”    2022

24” x 25”
Styrofoam, mulberries, hay, magazine images, soil, clay, discarded advertisement, oil paint, resin

“streetcast #4 PERFUME (perfume bottle)”    2022

10.5” x 8.5”
styrofoam, magazine, hay, resin, birdseed

“the horrible things we do to corn”  2020

44in x 9in x 11in
corn, corn syrup, corn leafs, canola oil, insecticide, soil,resin, head phones audio (audio link below)


“pure life water , avoiding contamination, maximizing growth” 2021

19in x 8in x 6in
purelife water bottles, soil, bird seed, resin, plastic flower

“vigoro X”   2021

10”H x 30”L x 30”D
vigoro™ grass, vigoro™ soil, miracle-gro™ plant food, mp3 player, headphones, sound (audio link below)


“monster (energy)”     2019

120in x 48in x 30in
shirt, silk screen, rubber bucket, monster energy drinks, plant, plant tubes, rubber hose, metal rack, conduit pipes, plant light, plastic bucket, spray bottle